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Solar power is growing due to the low cost of solar panels and the ease of a professional installation. Now is the time to go solar and power your world with renewable photovoltaic energy. If you are looking for a local, professional company with knowledge of solar power then look no further than Iowa Solar.

Iowa Solar is a local professional photovoltaic energy company with expertise in all levels of renewable power. With a full-time construction crew dedicated to solar installation, Iowa Solar offers homeowners and businesses an unparalleled level of customer service.

Large scale solar: If you are looking to install solar for your business or as part of a city-wide utility project, Iowa Solar has your back with our professional engineering experience.

Home solar: We know how to make your home work for you with solar power. Your roof can generate electricity during the day, pumping back any excess energy you produce into the grid, which you receive full credit for at night when the sun has gone away.

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Power Reduces Air Pollution

Fossil fuels create a lot of pollution. Much of the electricity generated in Iowa is produced by coal. If you’ve ever been to Beijing, California, New York, or anyplace whose geography consists of mountains and valleys, you’ve seen what dirty air looks like.

Air filled with pollution is bad for the environment, it’s bad for our health, and it’s bad for aesthetics. When pollutants get trapped in the air, everything just looks worse. Solar panels help get rid of air pollution caused by burning things to generate power. Solar panels create clean, green energy that won’t contribute to air pollution.

Reduce Water Usage

If your energy source doesn’t use fossil fuels to create power then that energy source still uses some sort of water as its resource. Hydropower and nuclear energy both use tons of water to produce electricity. Often a dam will need to be built to control the water flow and electricity production, and causing a significant impact on the local ecosystem.

Solar panels create energy without using water or affecting the ecosystem. In fact, the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has stated that solar energy systems could help drop water consumption in at least 36 states. This would help solve water scarcity issues.

Improves Humanity’s Health In The Long-run

Coal power causes lung cancer and asthma, according to studies. Solar power produces no by-product pollution when generating power. The process of making solar panels produces 2000% less (yes, 200 times less!) CO2 than the equivalent power production of coal.

While it's already been said that the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy knows that a solar energy system can help reduce water scarcity, the office also estimates that cleaner air will have a positive effect on our health. In fact reporting estimates we can save more than 25,000 lives.

With cleaner air comes healthier children and better lives.

Reach out to Iowa Solar today if you're interested in going green.

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