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My name is Gabrielle Williams. I’m 35 years old and born and raised on the Southside of  Chicago. I'm also a mother two - Isabella and Israel. I'm an author, a personal trainer, a mentor, and a personal chef.

I always knew I wanted to be a cook since the age of 7. I used to sit in the kitchen and watch my mom and grandma cook. I would watch cooking shows on TV and picture myself cooking. I told myself I would either become a cop or a chef when I grew up. I cooked my first meal at the age of 8. My mom was at work and we had a babysitter. I took it upon myself to make some baked chicken, like I had seen a lady on TV do. I washed off the chicken wings as I remembered, then seasoned them, set the oven for 375 degrees, and then put BBQ sauce over them once they were done. Ever since then I’ve been in the kitchen whipping things up!

I didn’t go to school to become a cook. I got my criminal justice degree instead. But sometimes, you have to return back to your first love, which for me is cooking.

My kids enjoy my cooking, even if sometimes I have to make three sets of meals. First, is Izzy, my picky eater who only eats chicken and rice, pizza, and tacos. He loves to debate with me about Taco Bell making better tacos than me. Then we have my (fake) vegetarian Bella. She sometimes eats meat. One minute she’ll be crying about others eating animals, and then the next she’ll be asking for chicken nuggets.

I enjoy cooking for my family and others. Cooking to me means unity, because it helps bring the family together, and you. 

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