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We believe seniors can stay at home. That's why were here to help get you back to doing the things you love. Whether it's a little help around the house with meal preparation or medication reminders, let us do the caring.

- Expert 24/7 home care services that specialize in happiness. Get the care you deserve!

- Compassionate & experienced caregivers perfectly matched to your unique caring needs and interests.

- Personalized care plans ranging from a few hours of companionship each week up to 24/7 care.

- Our care team can help with your healthcare needs, including medication management, health monitoring, transportation to appointments and more.

- We want you to live safer, healthier and happier at home.

Nurse Next Door Iowa City owners Roni and Eran Roseman believe that aging is something to be celebrated. "Were not trying to complete tasks", says Roseman. "We're determined to make lives better by filling our clients' days with activities, conversation, adventures and laughter", she adds.

About Nurse Next Door:

Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is one of North America's fastest-growing home care providers dedicated to delivering individualized, flexible and quality home care options. Founded in 2001, the company offers the highest quality of in-home care services centered around the unique concept of Happier Aging.

Many seniors have stopped pursuing their passions, which can lead to overall feelings of unhappiness and isolation. Every Nurse Next Door experience starts with a simple question: "What did you use to love doing that you no longer do". The answer is then used to reconnect the client with their interests, hobbies and passions that might have gotten lost along the way.

With a focus on Happier Aging, Nurse Next Door believes seniors can stay at home and continue to do all the things that they love. With almost 200 locations across North America and Australia, this company is fast becoming a globally admired brand.

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