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  • I served a career in the Army as a senior transportation logistics manager and leader development professional at many levels. This gave me the opportunity to travel the world and learn from leaders from many countries.
  • I married my wife in 2006 and we have 2 children together. My daughter is almost 16 and my son is almost 13, both with birthdays in Oct.
  • In late June I started my own business as a leadership consultant to help businesses build up a leadership development program and solve problems with retention and productivity.
  • Currently, my passion is to use my 22 years of leadership experience to help professionals solve workplace issues and to set a great example for my children through volunteer service.
  • I am not only in Rotary. I have also been in the Corridor Kiwanis club since March 2022 and am a member of the Business partnership. I look forward to being involved in both.

You shouldn't have to worry about problems with employee retention and workplace productivity!!! 

When a manager knows the job but focuses on tasks and statistics and not the people, it creates poor leadership. 

Though this isn’t intentional, this mindset creates bosses and managers, not leaders. 

The solution is to teach, coach, mentor, inspire, and motivate people on becoming better leaders.  Inspiring, process driven leadership makes the workplace better and more efficient for everyone!

If people understand how to lead, then their followers will work for them.  


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